Linda Richman is a little Verklempt

I do not often find myself without words (anyone who knows me in person just laughed because… no, , no I do not.  I have lots of words, all the time), but I’m not sure how to find the right words to convey all the feelings I’ve had over the last 10 days.

So, we started this fundraiser having no idea, at all, how it was going to go.  Would people support it?  What if they didn’t?  I would really rather have a root canal then ask people for money, so this was hard.  It’s really vulnerable to put your story out there and ask people to help make your dreams happen.  But then orders started showing up, a friend here, Twitter follower there, and before you know it Josh and I are texting each other every day going “is this real?”  People shared our story all over Facebook and Twitter, some of you pretty much every day.  You all became our champions, pushing this crazy thing forward and cheering us on… I will never forget it.

You all have left me delightfully baffled by this grace and enthusiasm you have lavished on us this week.  We feel loved, supported, lifted up.  You have rallied for us this week and our words of thanks for woefully inadequate compared to the absolutely overwhelming sense of gratitude we feel.

Someday, P4 will be home with us, and I can’t wait to show him or her the page where people gave of their money and affection to bring him or her home.  I can’t wait to show him or her all the people who shared our story because they thought it was important.  I am thankful beyond words to have all of you standing behind us as our village.  Thanks for loving us, but more then that, thanks for loving P4, who is just a dream right now, but who will be a reality because you showed up, bought and shared.  THANK YOU, FRIENDS.  We love you so much.  Thanks for loving us so well.