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Hi there!  If you’re new around here and don’t know us personally, we’re the Pollard’s, Josh, Jen, Eden and Jia.  We started this blog when we were beginning the process of adopting Jia from China.  We brought her home on July 25th 2015 and now we’re all working on finding our new normal as a family of four.  We’ll continue to update periodically, and absolutely welcome any questions you might have about our adoption process specifically or adoption generally.  You can contact me directly at pollard_jen(at)yahoo(dot)com.


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Answers to some of the questions I always want to know when visiting an adoption blog:

Our adoption agency is Chinese Children Adoption International or CCAI.  We think they’re pretty awesome.

Our home study agency is Options for Families and Youth.  Our Social Worker is Ginger Heyneman and she is amazing.  If you’re looking for Ohio home study services, we highly recommend OFY.

There is a tab at the top for our adoption time line that I update every time something happens.

Photo credit and responsibility for all our family photos forever and ever goes to Melissa Shaner at mshaner photography.  Thanks Melissa!

I have comments on most posts turned off just because I kept getting slammed by spammers.  But please feel free to contact me at the email above!

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