An ode to Glenwood…

I didn’t think I actually wanted to go there, you know. When the announcement that we were consolidating schools was made, I worried. This wasn’t what we signed up for. There was a school literally in our back yard. We were happy where we were. But like or not, we started first grade at Glenwood, nervous and uncertain (and that was just me – I’m sure Eden had some feelings too.).


Now, two years later, I am so, so incredibly grateful to have gotten to be a part of this community. From the beginning, they have exceeded every expectation I had. They were welcoming, friendly, funny and open. They answered my questions, assuaged my fears, and replied to my emails at 11 pm, which is just crazy and they should stop doing that and get some sleep. They created fun and magic in their classrooms in a national teaching environment that makes making magic really hard. They celebrated big and small accomplishments, noticed the little things that are actually big things, and encouraged, pushed and paid attention to not only my kid, but all the other ones too. And it’s not just classroom teachers, either. Art, Gym, Music, Library. All of it, just full of fun and excitement and enthusiasm. Every single person in that building, from the office to the lunch room, is amazing.


Having safe supportive adults in your corner is great anytime it happens, but this year, Eden went though some serious transitions, and it was hard. The school counselor, her teacher, our principal, they all rallied for my girl, and did it like it was no big deal. She had a safe place to talk, people who checked in on her, and a place to just be herself away from all the craziness at home. They just loved her a little extra and probably didn’t think much of it. But it changed her year, and our year and we are so grateful.


Tomorrow is our last day at Glenwood for the next two years, and I have shed a few tears about it because we will miss this tremendously. I love it there. They have created an environment that is affirming, enthusiastic, and loving. The kids in their care are very lucky to have this amazing group of individuals in their lives. I am so glad to have gotten the opportunity to be a part of this community and can’t wait to come back.


I didn’t want to go there. And then it up and changed our lives for the better. Lucky us. Thank you, Glenwood. We love you.

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